About me :

First Name: Mohammad Javad

Last Name: Hosseinishahi Dastjerdi

Date/Place Of Birth: Tuseday, 12th July 1988 / Tehran-Iran

Academic Position: M.Sc Student of Analytical Chemistry

Educations :

 B.Sc. Applied Chemistry, Islamic Azad University of Share-Rey (IAUSR) (September 2008-October 2012).

 B.Sc.Commercial Management, Payam Noor University (PNU) (Septamber 2009-October 2012).

 M.Sc. Student of Analytical Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT).

 Sopervisor : Dr. Mohammad T. Jafari & Dr.Mohammad Saraji

Research Interests :

  • Separation and trace determination of organic compounds using GC, HPLC, CE and IMS.
  • Rapid and Sensitive Analysis of Environmental pollutants & Biological Samples